Of course we like all the designs but here is the O*Henry family’s choice…

Bob’s White Marrakesh

The Marrakesh tray features an intricate Moroccan-inspired design in white and natural wood.

“I like the combination of rich patterns and muted tones with the natural feeling and lightness of the wooden trays. I adds a touch of global chic to any room.”

Technique: silkscreen print on wood

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Tania’s Birds of Paradise 

This beautiful round tray with a lovely bird design sits beneath the clear glass. With a simple edged rim.

“I’m a fan of the rich turquoise / blue colouring of the Birds of Paradise tray. It fits tropical Thailand. Also great on our tray tables or even als a splash of color against the wall.”

Technique: paint on wood / paint on glass / silkscreen print on glass

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Eric’s Bronze Slice 

The Bronze Slice mirror tray features a simple sliced tree pattern against a mirrored surface.

“The bronze and aged mirror gives this tray a classy, masculine look. It reflects light to brighten up the room.” 

Technique: silkscreen printing on mirror / aging

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Toi’s Blue Mist Organic

Creating an enthralling dyed effect, the tray features a unique mist-like design.

“This tray is a true artwork. Every piece is unique and is a guaranteed conversational piece at cocktail hour.”

Technique: paint on glass / layering pigments & metallic inks

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Oliver’s Thistle

A delicate mirrored tray with the thistle detail in smokey charcoal.

“I like!’ 

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Each piece is created by hand and one-of-a-kind. Unique as you and me!

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