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Christmas is coming and with the holidays around the corner, it`s never too late to start thinking about gift ideas. If you`re like us and you source the web looking for beautiful, meaningful objects to gift family and friends, you can start with (and maybe end at) these gift ideas for your loved ones.

These timeless small sized trays were designed by Dawn Sweitzer. They’re extra special for your special someone because each tray is hand-crafted, unique and luxurious. We`re bringing you some suggestions that will make you the most memorable gift giver this Christmas.

For your Mum 

It`s stylish and oh-so-pretty. The unity between both halve moon trays is clear as day yet also subtle and surprising. Strong linear patterns and colours are in contrast with the more organic look and feel of the base which is covered in gold leaf to give it the ultimate luxurious touch.

Shop it –> Chevron Half Moon

For your Sis

Your sister will greatly appreciate this very vibrant tray, with mesmerising design. It`s a tray that will have an immediate impact on her!

Shop it  –> Midnight Raspberry

For the Husband 

Show him how much you appreciate him with a bold yet versatile tray set. Placed in the hallway on a console, it is a key holder. In the dressing table, it is a tray for his watch and on the coffee table, it is a decorative item.

Shop it –> Charcoal mini tray set of three

For the Wife

Represents a natural sense of completion, wholeness and harmony when placed together.

Shop it –> Geometric half moon

For your BFF

BETTER TOGETHER! Of all the geometric shapes, the hexagon is considered one of the most powerful and fascinating. This is a range of mini trays that are strong pieces on their own, but more fun when placed in multiples.

Shop it –>  Moss Organic M 

For Yourself

It`s the end of the year so go ahead and spoil yourself too! Gather the sunset golden glow before the night falls and take in the sumptuous splashes of gold. Because you deserve it!

Shop it –> Small gold leaf mini


Many more tray designs and sizes on our website: 

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