Question What is O*Henry?
AnswerWe are a family brand inspired by nature and our international travels. See more about us here.
Question Are your tray tables sold with trays?
AnswerThe tray tables are sold without trays. The tray tables are intended as supports for the trays, should you like to use them as tables.
Question What is your free-exchange guarantee?
AnswerWe guarantee that you will love your purchase. If not, contact us for a free exchange of your purchase for a comparable item from our collection.
Question How do you make your trays and tables?
AnswerOur products are carefully crafted and finished by hand. We use classic and traditional techniques such as metal leafing, hand painting and silkscreen printing. Each handmade product varies slightly because of the unique nature of the process.
Question What is the best way to clean the trays and tables?
AnswerMetal trays: Use mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clear water and wipe dry. Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, mineral acids, bleach or chlorine cleansers.

Glass trays: Use a glass cleaner with a soft cloth.

Wood trays: Our wooden trays are finished with a water-based top coat. It repels most common substances and fluids like coffee, tea and wine, but will not prevent all stains. Remove all spills immediately to prevent staining. Always use coasters and trivets to prevent stains.

For regular dusting, use a soft, dry cloth. Clean with furniture polish and a soft cloth.

Question How will I receive my order?
AnswerWe personally courier all purchases in Bangkok. For purchases outside the city and internationally, we use EMS post.
Question Can I change or cancel my order?
AnswerAs long as we’ve not delivered your order, you may cancel it. We must charge a 4.5% cancellation fee on all credit card orders to cover our processing costs.
Question How much do I pay for delivery?
AnswerZone 1: only 200 bath and free for orders above THB 4.000
Zone 2: only 500 bath and free for orders above THB 10.000
Zone 3: will be quoted

Postal codes zone 1: 10110, 10330, 10500, 10120, 10260
Postal codes zone 2: 10100, 10200, 10300, 10400, 10900, 11120, 10210, 10220, 10600

Rest is considered as zone 3